Top Ways to Spruce up Your Deck This Summer

Ontario DeckYou finally have a well-built, quality deck for you and your family to use. It is great to have this type of outdoor living space to spend time in your own great outdoors and make memories with family and friends.
Yet, once you have a deck added to your Ontario home, the next step is to truly personalize it and dress it up. If you’re stuck for inspiration, here are some ideas to help motivate you:

  • Make it feel more intimate by adding an element of privacy. You have options like adding a fence or setting up a row of tall plants that create a divider. This will make the backyard or deck more attractive, while also serving a purpose.
  • Carefully select the furniture you choose. Too often, a homeowner makes a decision based on looks. No one needs a visually stunning deck space that is unused because the furniture is uncomfortable. Make the space comfortable and inviting, enticing guests to stay awhile and enjoy the get-together. Add plenty of pillows to elevate the comfort level.
  • Consider adding an element like fire or water. A fire pit provides a visual enhancement that also produces warmth so you can enjoy your deck for a longer part of the year. Adding a fountain introduces beauty, as well as the tranquil sounds that make hanging out on the deck more peaceful.
  • Create a designated area for cooking and a separate one for dining. This can be done with careful placement of furniture away from the grill or outdoor kitchen. You can also use an outdoor rug to help create a visual separation.


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